Whatever your business and your presence on the internet, and no matter whether you’re selling on a local, national. Or even global level, if you want it to succeed, Search Engine Optimization needs to be as important part of your marketing efforts as everything else your do.

Search Engine Optimization will make sure that your business is ahead of your competitors and come to the attention of quality clients looking for what you have to offer. IT Solution is a prominent SEO service provide focusing on internet marketing for small and medium sized business worldwide.


Googlebots Boosting Technical SEO

There are a head-spinning number of technical factors that can have either a positive or negative effect on your website’s search engine ranking. Ranging from page load times, meta data, 301 redirects and duplicate content. Ensuring your technical factors are optimised will have a phenomenal impact on your Search Engine Marketing.

We have the skills and expertise to audit your existing site to pinpoint opportunities for improvement and any areas that may be negatively impacting your SEO.


Googlebot is a web crawler (a.k.a., robot or spider) that scrapes data from webpages.

Googlebot is just one of many web crawlers. Every search engine has their own branded spider. In the SEO world, we refer to these branded bot names as “user agents”. We will get into user agents later, but for now, just understand that we’re referring to user agents as a specific web crawling bot. Some of the most common user agents include:

  • Googlebot – Google
  • Bingbot – Bing
  • Slurp Bot – Yahoo
  • Alexa Crawler – Amazon Alexa
  • DuckDuckBot – DuckDuckGo

How Google’s Crawler Discovers Webpages

Short answer: Links, sitemaps, and fetch requests.

Long answer: The fastest way for you to get Google to crawl your site is to create a new property in Search Console and submit your sitemap. However, that’s not the whole picture. While sitemaps are a great way to get Google to crawl your website, this does not account for PageRank.

Internal linking is a recommended method for telling Google which pages are related and hold value. There are many great articles published across the web about page rank and internal linking, so I won’t get into it now. Google can also discover your web pages from Google My Business listings, directories, and links from other websites.

This is a simplified version of how Googlebot works. To learn more, you can read Google’s documentation on their crawler.



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