We are the leading web hosting service provider who offers lots of different features with 100% client satisfaction. We offer fast, simple and affordable globally available domain name registration and no-time renewal plus web hosting services. Make avail of the services we offer at the best rates in the industry.


SSL Certificate

SSL certificates are required to encrypt & protect data which is exchanged between a website visitor and your hosting account/server. This is essential when taking customer data (credit cards or personal data) from your website visitors. Google is also beginning to mark websites without SSL as “Not Secure” which may lead to a bad first impression with a website visitor.

We offer a variety of SSL certificates and our sales team would be happy to guide you on the one which you require.

How Do I Do Website Hosting?

If you’ve secured your website domain name now you need to host it. Website hosting is the space your website occupies on the internet, allowing it to be published for others to see. Your emails also reside on your hosting account.

CubeTech provides reliable website hosting for a seamless one-stop service. Whether you’re a start-up, a blogger or a large-scale enterprise, we offer a range of easy-to-use packages suited to your needs.

Linux Hosting

Our preferred hosting is Linux hosting, since it’s widely used, reliable and most economical for our customers.

Linux hosting is supported by the vast majority of web servers. It is also one of the most popular hosting services in the industry.

We use only the best when it comes to keeping our platforms secure. We run the most recent versions of PHP and MySQL on our Linux hosting plans. Please get in touch if you have a specific hosting requirement that we can help with.



Our main aim is to achieve the heart of the client’s requirement to create a custom software masterpiece demanded on the market.

We create objective driven solutions with the latest technology that are both relevant and effective in today’s marketplace. Using the latest technologies and web standards enables our development team to deliver not only functional but innovative websites.

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